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3rd March 2017: WSBK/ASBK Rundown

26th February 2017: WSBK/ASBK Sunday Part 2
26th February 2017: WSBK/ASBK Sunday Part 1
25th February 2017: WSBK/ASBK Saturday Part 2
25th February 2017: WSBK/ASBK Saturday Part 1
24th February 2017: WSBK/ASBK Friday
23rd February 2017: WSBK/ASBK Thursday

22nd February 2017: John's Bio on the ASBK site

Some exciting news from Meeks:
21st February 2017: From Meeks

Also, some links to some information about the WSBK weekend and John:
WSBK AUS Event Schedule
Supersport Support Class Rider List

16th February 2017: Pink Tyres Warmers.

14th February 2017: Leather Gear Logo.

31st January 2017: Local paper gets behind the cause!
AMCN Article

John and family spent Monday and Tuesday at Phillip Island getting in some practice for the upcoming Superbike Support race.
25th January 2017: Phillip Island Track Days
24th January 2017: Phillip Island Tag

We've been a bit slow with updates, mainly due to playing the waiting game with paperwork. But for now, here is something exciting!
17th January 2017: Racing Suit!

Happy New Year everyone! We hope you had a good Festive Season.

23th December 2016: Boots and Kneesliders!

20th December 2016: Track Day Photos of John and Marc

19th December 2016: Another video added.

18th December 2016: Track Day Photos.

16th December 2016: Lukey Luke and John at Phillip Island.

12th December 2016: Another video added.

9th December 2016: John receives his Track License.

3rd December 2016: Poster at Pip's Place!

19th November 2016: Awesome news, we have great new sponsor!

18th November 2016: Meeks and her ongoing radiation therapy.

17th November 2016: Phillip Island Track Day Photos 2016-11-16.

16th November 2016: John gets some support from a great guy, fellow rider and chef!

13th November 2016: John's new helmet!

11th November 2016: Video added.

4th November 2016: Our Goal.

4th November 2016: Go Fund Me.

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